A Small Business with a BIG Idea 

EnergyMisers specializes in energy and resource efficiency solutions for business and institutional customers. The first and most effective step to saving energy is controlling consumption.

EnergyMisers implements solutions that control energy consumption in the following areas: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Professional Kitchen Vent Hood Controls, Hotel Guest Room Energy Management Systems, LED Lighting, Refrigeration Controls, Water Heating,  Water Consumption, and Business Equipment Energy Controls.

We specialize in LED lighting for commercial buildings interior and exterior, refrigeratioin lighting, parking ramps, parking lots, and roadway lighting. We also implement intelligent lighting control systems for individual fixture control in addition to standard occupancy sensors, photo sensors, and daylighting systems. 

For our Hospitality customers we implement Kitchen Vent Hood Control Systems and Guest Room Energy Management systems. Since hot water is one of the top two or three energy consumers for restaurants and hotels we provide water heating and water conservation solutions such as: tankless water heaters, high pressure low flow pre-rinse sprayers, waterless urinals, low flow showerheads, and low flow aerators. 

We focus on controlling the largest consumers of energy in your business and use proven solutions to help you reduce your energy use. The three largest consumers of energy for business & institutions are: HVAC, Lighting and Water Heating. 

Once we have assisted you with meeting your energy and resource efficiency goals we will work with you to implement renewable energy solutions.

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